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Aluminum Industry  

All-Pro Refractories, Inc. has broad experience in the aluminum industry completing refractory relines of melt furnaces, holding furnaces, homogenizing furnaces, and dampers.  Our service extends to the bag house where we pressure wash the unit then change the bags.

Typical Services

  • Repair hearth and sub-hearth
  • Gunite charge door jambs and lintels
  • Complete turnaround
  • Repair/replace splash pad
  • Install CF Modules on stack damper
  • Hot gunning of side-walls


Incineration Industry

We have major accounts in this field. While most may thing of incineration in terms of dense mass such as municipal garbage and medical waste, it also includes fume incinerators and thermal oxidizers. The range of refractories must range from alkali resistant plastics and gunite castables to ceramic modules. Not only is choice of refractory critical, but anchoring is also a failure point if not chosen and installed properly.

Typical Services

  • Pre-cast burner blocks
  • Hot gunning side-walls
  • Plastic/castable repair to hearth
  • Repair ash hopper
  • Repair roof
  • Complete Refractory repair
  • Hot Gun emergency repair

Clay-Ceramic Industry

All-Pro Refractories has completed refractory work for major accounts in clay processing, ceramics manufacture, and refractories production.  Our expertise extends from rotary calciners, hot air supplies and burners to kilns, car bottom kilns, and kiln cars.

Typical Services

  • Strip cast rotary kilns
  • Repair casing-install new refractory in burner cones and hot air ducts
  • Repair tunnel kilns and cars
  • Repair car bottom kilns
  • Install refractory and gauge new kiln cars
  • Repair/rebuild periodic kilns (Flue tunnels, walls, arches, doors, burner blocks, etc.)


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